Ruta Sevo

Fairfax, VA, US
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Computer Science
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Antioch College
Information science
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I have had five careers. In middle school, during career exploration, I was informed that my interest in being a nuclear physicist or a surgeon was "not for girls," and I should think about teaching elementary school. I went into literature, which was ok for girls. Then I became an Asian scholar (in India) but found no jobs. Then, I became a librarian when computers were just being introduced. At that time, there were very few people with degrees in computer science. "Systems librarians" were a hot property. I absolutely loved programming, systems analysis, and systems planning, because you could do powerful things that helped a lot of people. It required lots of discussion with people about what they did at work, like anthropology, and then writing up what they did and how things could be changed using computers.

After I had been a manager in computer science, I had the opportunity to take a job at the National Science Foundation helping give grants to people who worked to increase the number of girls and women in science and engineering. I still love science, and working with educators was inspiring. Now I am a novelist, completely apart from science. I have loved all my education and work. I still wish I could have become a surgeon.

My messages are: Your path may not be linear. One door can close and another open. Do not believe people who think you cannot do something; they might be projecting their own limited imagination on you. You can have multiple careers. There is great financial support to study science, engineering, and computer science. It is a lot of fun to be an explorer, make good money, travel, and have interesting friends. You can find a lot of them in science, computer science, and engineering, in all kinds of roles.
Writing/blogging, Working outdoors, Pets, Dance, Computing, Reading, Travel, Sports
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