Romiya Barry

Groton, MA, US
Field of Work 
Clinical Research, Public Health, Project Management
R&D Health Sciences, LLC
Job Title or "Student" 
The George Washington University, MGH Institute of Health Professions, Worcester Polytechnic Institute
Translational Health Science
Education Level 
Profile Biography 
How do ideas become new medicines, medical devices, or health technology? Through the collaborative effort of many people working through many, many steps! My interest in science and technology, my desire to help people improve their quality of life through better health, and my natural tendency to want to lead teams to overcome obstacles and barriers have led to a career in trial management for clinical product development.

I started my career as a Research and Development Scientist where
I worked on medical devices for use in laboratory monitoring of patients infected with HIV in resource-limited settings. I transitioned to the field of clinical research after recognizing how operations at clinical trial sites greatly affected the patients and, therefore, the immediate community the clinics served. Clinical research marries my interest in science and technology and my work has taken me to hospitals, clinics, and communities throughout the US, Canada, Caribbean, Europe, and North Africa to hospital and clinics. I have the opportunity to interact with health workers, patients, advocacy groups, politicians, and policy makers and to learn about the impact of new interventions, medicines, and technologies on public health programs.

I am an active learner and regularly find ways to develop skills outside of my discipline. The world is changing every day. I want to explore the changes.
Writing/blogging, Working outdoors, Dance, Reading, Travel, Other
Race & Ethnicity 
Black or African American
Level of Participation 
After-school visit, Field trip participation, In-school visit, Online role model, Summer camp visit
My Experience 
I have been a Role Model many times.
Evenings, Weekdays, Weekends
Career exploration activities, Identifying other role models, Online Mentoring (email or Skype)
Program Affiliation 
NGCP Collaborative FabFem
Other Interests 

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