Margaret Bryer

Brooklyn, NY, US
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Graduate Center, CUNY
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PhD student
Graduate Center CUNY
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I am a PhD student who studies wild primate behavior and nutritional ecology.

I first became interested in primates in middle school when taught about Diane Fossey's work with wild gorillas and I pursued this interest in high school by volunteering at the Jane Goodall Institute. I have since done field work observing monkeys in Ecuador, South Africa and Uganda. I received my Master's from Hunter College here in New York, where I studied the nutritional contributions of insects to the diet of redtail monkeys in Uganda. I am now developing my dissertation proposal.

I also teach introductory anthropology courses to undergraduates as part of my graduate student training, which I find extremely rewarding. Additionally, I and a fellow graduate student last year gave a presentation on primates to a Brooklyn kindergarten class. Both experiences have reinforced for me how important science education is at every level, as students get excited about biology and conservation.

Writing/blogging, Working outdoors, Reading, Travel
Race & Ethnicity 
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After-school visit, Field trip participation, In-school visit
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I am a new Role Model.
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Career exploration activities, Identifying other role models
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