Laura Lewin

Fort Collins, CO, US
Field of Work 
Private consultant
Job Title or "Student" 
SUNY Albany BS, UC Berkeley Ph.D
organic chemistry
Education Level 
Profile Biography 
I am a PH.D organic chemist with 29 years experience in industry. I worked for DuPont in various areas mainly developing coatings. I am currently a private consultant for a company in South Korea (2 + years).

I always liked math and science in school but I was never encouraged to persue a career in science. When I went to college I thought I would be a politacal science major but I remembered how I loved chemistry in high school. I gave it a try. I really liked it. I especially liked that it was very challenging. I was never really encouraged until my junior year of college when one of my professors took an interst in me. He had me apply for a summer job at a prestigous laboratory. I got the job and there I met many talented men and women. That was a turning point for me.

My advice to girls is do what you love and always try and do your best. There were times I wanted to give up on my career but I continued to work hard. Because of this I had many opportunities.

I have three grown daughters 2 of whom are persuing STEM careers. I like to read, exercise, hike, garden and be with my friends and family.
Working outdoors, Reading, Travel, Sports
Race & Ethnicity 
Level of Participation 
After-school visit, Field trip participation, In-school visit, Summer camp visit
My Experience 
I am a new Role Model.
No Preference
Career exploration activities, Hands-on activities for students, Identifying other role models
Program Affiliation 

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