Gloria Godfrey

Kirkland, WA, US
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Software Development Lead
Cal Poly, SLO CA
Computer Science
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Gloria is a developer lead with fifteen years of experience working at Microsoft in Redmond, WA. She loves tackling big projects of all kinds and finds many of them in the areas of technology, processes, and team dynamics.

Gloria grew up in silicon valley after being born in the UK, but by the teen years wanted nothing to do with computers or software for her future after so much exposure as a kid. Then she went to college and, naturally, within one year discovered she was a great fit for a computer science degree so proceeded to get one of those. It was still a hard and somewhat intimidating area of study to move into – everyone seemed to have so much more experience! It turned out that by the end of school none of that mattered as hard work, dedication, and some raw smarts were what really counted. Determined to make at least one life change, she didn’t move back to silicon valley but instead moved to the Seattle area for a job at Microsoft a few weeks after graduation. Gloria fell in love with the area on first visit and remains happy there today.

Gloria enjoys working with smart people with unique ambitions. Work was always busy-fun but from the get go Gloria also managed to carve out a pretty good work/life balance that would ebb and flow with work and personal needs throughout the years. She continues to be excited and energized by amazing co-workers and benefits by learning from them both technically and from their diverse viewpoints on various aspects of software development.

After about seven years Gloria moved into small team management - at first leveraging her strong organizational project management skills along with an experienced technical background. It didn’t take long to discover that she really liked the people management aspect of her new job and enjoyed connecting with folks in respect to their career growth. It’s now a favorite part of the job! In addition to management, major on the job interests are data integrity, performance, and manageability of software systems.

Outside of work Gloria enjoys yoga (teaching as well as taking), reading (been running a book club for over ten years now), and various other hobbies ranging from cooking to travel to rotating physical activities like long weekend walks and scuba diving. She’s passionate about helping to foster community and growth for women in the tech fields today, and for inspiring young women to consider it as a career choice for the future.

Working outdoors, Pets, Dance, Computing, Reading, Travel
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Online role model
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