Elena Fermin

Houston, TX, US
Field of Work 
Accounting and Finance
National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) Johnson Space Center (JSC)
Job Title or "Student" 
Program Analyst/Reimbursable Accountant
University of Oklahoma
Business Administration
Education Level 
Profile Biography 
I was born and raised in Oklahoma. I work for the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) Johnson Space Center (JSC) in Houston, TX.

While in college, I thought my only way to success was to work for a big investment firm, however when an internship opportunity presented itself to work for NASA, I immediately said yes. I have never turned back. Working for NASA has really helped pursue my inner geek. As a Program (Budget) Analyst, I managed the budget for the International Space Station Vehicle Office. I recently decided to get out of my comfort zone, and do a two-year rotation in the Reimbursable Accounting office. Math is a vital skill in my line of work. My job as a Program (Budget) analyst and an accountant is to crunch numbers in relation to the projects either underway or being propose, and balancing books on a monthly basis. I worked on forecasting and balancing budgets, and ensuring there was enough money to pay for the work. Accountants and Program (Budget) Analysts are the enablers that help make people’s projects come to life! That is what is so different about working on the business side, whether it is at NASA or an investment bank; we not only pursue our dreams we also help other people pursue theirs.

A friend introduced me to quilting and I discovered just how versatile the hobby is. I love to stay fit by doing Zumba and running, I have completed a few 10Ks, and half-marathons and am currently training for my first full marathon.

I am fortunate to be bilingual, and I truly believe it opens up a completely new world of possibilities in every aspect of your life. For example, my interests in music and reading are a smorgasbord from country to Spanish Rock, J.K. Rowling to Isabel Allende, and everything in between.
Dance, Reading, Sports, Other
Race & Ethnicity 
Hispanic or Latino
Level of Participation 
After-school visit, Online role model
My Experience 
I am a new Role Model.
No Preference
Career exploration activities, Identifying other role models
Program Affiliation 
Federal Employee, SciGirls
Other Interests 
Federal Employee Bureau/Department 
National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) Johnson Space Center (JSC)

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