Anna Gladstone

Eugene, OR, US
University of Oregon
B.S. in Math (2007), B.S. in Computer Science (2010)
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Don't feel bad when you feel like you've failed!
When you reach for the stars, sometimes you fall.
The important this is to pick up and keep going.
Practice doing what you want, and things will work out.

I went to MIT for math for a year, took on too many activities
(what would I *not* want to do?), and had to go home to Eugene.
After working my head off to return to my preferred school,
I got sick my second term back, and found myself leaving again.
This time I decided to just go ahead and graduate from the University of Oregon.

Funny thing, I kept running into Computer Science and liking it.
For example, my very first term in college, I dropped 6.001
(SICP, or Structure and Interpretation of Computer Programs)
because I was doing better in it than in math (18.022, Calculus),
which just seemed wrong. Now I wish I'd dropped something else
as I've since gone back to UOregon to get a second bachelor's
(undegraduate degree) in Computer and Information Science.
Abstract Algebra is way more fun than Calculus, anyhow. :-P

After my Math degree, I worked in Technical Support at Symantec.
After my CS degree, I worked in a role with more technical skills,
as a Software Developer at a mobile app company called Angle, LLC.
I got to twiddle with software code, to make it work better.

Now, I've returned to school again, this time for a Master's in CIS
(Computer and Information Science), once again at UOregon.
In addition to taking advanced, in-depth classes, I get to
research new and interesting problems in computer science,
and help undergraduates learn Intro Computer Science
by being a GTF (Graduate Teaching Fellow) for that class.

During 2013-'14, I'm also president of the UO WiCS club
(Women in Computer Science), which mean co-ordinating
people and events, about one per week during the term.
Anyone who supports Women doing Computer Science is welcome.

Outside of work, I like to go vintage shopping, read, sleep in,
water my ferns and African violets, tango, play board games, and
hang out with my boyfriend. While I did live in the dorms at school,
and in my own apartment for a year or so, I live with my folks now.
It's a pretty good life, despite my tendency to occasionally stress out.
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gardening, security, English change ringing on handbells, naps
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only events organized by someone else and within walking distance from downtown Eugene.

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