Creating an Engaging FabFems Profile

Your FabFems profile is a great opportunity to share your story. Creating an engaging profile page is an important step in getting connected to role modeling opportunities in your community. Here are a few things we recommend including in your Profile:

Use "I" statements

Write in first person, meaning from your point of view or perspective. It makes you more relatable and allows the students to see themselves in your shoes! You can still use an existing biography you have on hand, just adjust it to be first person.

Describe how you chose your career

Choosing a career is hard and seems daunting for students. Explain how you decided and how the path from major to career isn't always a straight line.

Talk about your life outside of work

Your hobbies, family, and interests help students to understand that their career isn't their entire world and they can have a balance. Include your aspirations to let them know that, even with a career, you can aspire for more or make changes.

Give advice for girls who may be on a similar journey

It can feel scary to tackle something when you feel alone. Share your advice for persisting in the face of resistance or struggles.

Choose Your profile picture wisely

A great profile photo should show your face clearly (no hats, sunglasses, etc). It can show you in a personal or professional setting. Be sure to use the Image Gallery to upload additional photos of yourself engaging in your favorite hobbies and activities.

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