Creating an Engaging FabFems Profile

Your FabFems profile is a great opportunity to share your story. Creating an engaging profile page is an important step in getting connected to role modeling opportunities in your community.

Your Profile Picture

A great profile photo should show your face clearly (no hats, sunglasses, etc). It can show you in a personal or professional setting. Be sure to use the Image Gallery to upload additional photos of yourself engaging in your favorite hobbies and activities.

Check out the profile photos of these FabFems for ideas: Monica Mohtasham, Keshia Ashe, Emily Almaraz

Your Profile Biography

Your profile biography is your place to share your own unique stories and journeys. Describe how you chose your career, your path through education, your life outside of work, and your advice for girls who may be on a similar journey. Write your profile in the first person (using “I” instead of “she”) to really engage your readers.

Read the profiles of these FabFems for ideas and inspiration: Ellen Yi-Luen Do, Reta White, Nicole Ward


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