Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some common questions received about the FabFems Project.  If your question is not answered on this page, please contact us. Be sure to also check out this guide on how to create your FabFems Profile.
Mentoring by the Pool
Q: What is a role model?
A: Quite literally, a role model is someone who models a role. They serve as an example from whom others can gain insight, be inspired, and self-identify. A role model does not imply any particular relationship between people; rather it is someone with qualities that are considered valuable and desirable by others.
Q: What is STEM?
A: STEM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics. The acronym is used within the education sector to indicate all areas of study inclusive in those fields.
Q: Is this a mentoring program?
A: We do not monitor or encourage any one specific type of interaction between FabFems and students. Mentorship implies sustained, one-on-one guidance from a mentor to a mentee. We see a value in many different types of interaction and career exposure for girls, all of which can help dispel stereotypes and expand career options. We call this being a “role model”. The stories FabFems share and the passion they have for their field of work can spark a girl’s academic and career outlook.
Q: Do you run a background check on FabFems registered on this website?

Each profile on the FabFems website is reviewed for authenticity by FabFems staff before being published. We run all FabFems through the National Sex Offender Registry and run an email verification check before publishing. All content, including text, images, links and videos are reviewed by FabFems staff for appropriateness before publishing and on an ongoing basis. Any questions or concerns can be emailed to

Q: What do I need to have accomplished to create a profile?
We will publish your FabFem profile if you meet the following criteria:
  • Minimum 18 years old
  • Have or are working toward a college degree
  • Have worked in a STEM career (if already in the workforce)
  • Share encouraging, appropriate and supportive information in your biography
  • Include a profile picture showing your face
Your profile will be reviewed prior to being published on the site to ensure you meet these requirements. You may be notified by email of any modifications that are required before your profile can be publicly displayed.
Q: By creating a profile, am I committing to volunteering in a classroom, club or group for students?
A: No commitments! When you register, you specify how much or how little you would like to be involved. It can be as simple as having your profile available online for girls to view and for educators to use in their classrooms. Or it can be as involved as helping to run a summer science camp for girls. We provide the directory to collect role models with interests all along the commitment spectrum. Ultimately, the decision for participation is up to you.
Q: How many emails do you think I will get in a week?
A: E-mail type and frequency will vary depending on what you specify in your profile. You may get contacted by a girl asking you to visit her class, an educator asking you to speak at an event, or any other number of possibilities. You can specify the type of role model experience you would like to have and the age range you would like to work with, both of which will narrow the types of e-mails you will receive.
Q: What age (or school grade) of girls are likely to contact me?
A: This site is intended for professionals and educators who will interact with girls in grades K-12, however you can specify the age range you would like to work with on your profile page.
Q: If I decide not to continue to be a FabFem, how do I remove my profile?
A: E-mail and request to be removed from the directory. We will remove the profile as soon as we can.
Q: Is there going to be a private space where FabFems can share stories, ask each other about experiences and issues, etc.?
A: We do not yet have a forum established for FabFems.  However, we send out regular newsletters to encourage networking and knowledge-sharing between FabFems. Please email for information.
Q: Will you be displaying a dashboard of statistics on the site?
A: We plan to share stories, enrollment information and other site successes as we build our community. Check back in the future for these additional features.

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